1. nothing sexual lol

  2. I didn’t break any teeth!!!!

  3. oh this is how you get murdered btw


  4. "You know what would be funny? We get a bunch of those sunshades for babies and we put them in every window of your car!"
    — Kaitlin
  5. rynvasnormandy:


    Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease and while it’s progress can be slowed down, it currently doesn’t have a cure. People suffering from Parkinson’s will experience a gradual loss of coordination and ability to perform even the most basic of every day tasks, including feeding themselves. 

    This fucking spoon is HUGEfor them. Look at that gif of the man just trying to eat with the regular spoon and compare it to the liftware device. It’s NOT just a spoon, by the way, it comes with a fork as well, for example. 

    I found the website for the project where you can purchase a spoon for someone you know/love and even possibly donate money to help someone out who can’t afford it themselves right: HERE.

    At the very least, please spread this for all the people who have Parkinson’s or loved ones with Parkinson’s. 

    You’ll help them take part of their life back. 

    This is amazing

    (Source: ForGIFs.com, via thisismycomputer)

  6. ericlachance:

    "An Italian lives in this house," said all who drove by.

    Is the garage pizza oven themed?

  7. this is the only thing keeping me from filing for bankruptcy 

  8. 4hire

  9. here’s a beautiful piece of writing from my childhood.

  10. ericlachance:

    I ❤ all my followers 😊😍😘